A butterfly under the glass

29 December
Alamo Heights
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I'm Liz.
adam brody, austin, beer, big sunglasses, bmw's, brand new, brandon boyd, butterflies, candles, caramel frappuccinos, cats, cemeteries, chanel, chinese food, coldplay, confessions of a shopaholic, cosmos, criminal profiling, cristans tacos, cu boulder, daria, dave matthews band, david yurman, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, diamonds, driving, east coast, england, failing at life, fairy tales, fight club, fires on cold days, flip flops, forensic files, george clooney, greune, grey's anatomy, h&m, hello kitty, hot accents, hot tubs, incubus, jake gyllenhaal, james perse, jeeps, johnny depp, jude law, kristen dunst, lake george, lake placid, law and order svu, lifetime, lilies, louis vuttion, making lists, manhattan, marc jacobs, mean girls, mel gibsons fine ass, mexican food, moose, mr. big, new york city, no doubt, not going to school, nyack, office space, palm trees, partying, penguins, people magazine, photography, pink birkin bags, pirates of the caribbean, plain white ts, poetry, polo shirts, prada bags, preppy clothes, pulp fiction, purses, rain, reading, reefs, saks, sarcasm, saved by the bell, sesame street, sex and the city, shaggy hair, shoes, shoot the moon, shopping, sleeping late, small little stores, small towns, snow, something corporate, spas, spiderman, starbucks, stars, stillettos, story of the year, sublime, surfing, sweden, teen vouge, the 70's, the adirondaks, the early november, the golden girls, the hamptons, the mountains, the notebook, the o.c., the patriot, the postal service, the secret garden, the shins, the virgin islands, the virgin suicides, unsolved mysteries, urban outfitters, vanilla coke, vh1, x files, your mom